about us


Chrysalis team is passionate about our products and services and collectively have had many years of experience in the industry.

With full control of our Manufacturing, Buying and Distribution channels we guarantee a superior product and services to discerning clients. At the heart of our range we have retained over the last years , the classic white linen in pure cotton that we have become known for. It is our mission to source and use only the best quality linen and inners that we can find to ensure a durable range that will last for many years in your home.

Our classic Chrysalis signature is the stylish embroidery in fine yarn that we offer to individualize your look and compliment your decor. Look out for regular updates on the designs we offer, and why not bring us your own unique design to digitise and embroider -  creating accents of your own style in your bedroom or bathroom.

Adding our exclusively selected comfy duvets , pillows and towels to complete your bedroom space. Turning your most intimate room in the house into a haven of comfort and stylish elegance!

Visit us at our Chrysalis  store or call us for individual assistance on styling and quotations. Our commitment is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the products we deliver and become part of the Chrysalis circle of friends.

about us


The longevity that we have found over the last 20 years of the Chrysalis linen supplied to our customers, is no accident. A unique sewing process is at the heart of the luxurious finish and long life the is achieved with every one of our products.

Our bespoke manufacturing plant is staffed by a team of seamstresses that have been trained and have worked on the brand for many, many years.

We follow a unique process in the industry, that follows a step by step production plan for every item.

Every step taken with great care and precision to ensure a perfectly straight item, with durable stitching, crisp corners, etc.

The process is long and slow, however, the end result is a perfect product that we are extremely proud of and our customers love to sleep on!