Large bath carpet

Code: lbc

Price R 815.10 incl. VAT


Not all bath rooms are standard size – so the standard size bath mat doesn’t suit all circumstances. That’s why we have come up with different sizes.  The large bath carpet is long enough to be put down next to a bath tub. Available in cream, white and stone. Other assorted colours on request.

Size: 140cm x 60cm

 plush thickness – 1050gsm.


Care Instructions

all our towels should be washed separately and can be washed up to 60 degrees – but ideally at 40 degrees. the separate wash is necessary as we do not recommend using fabric softener for towel laundry. the softener coats the fibre to soften it – thus creating a chemical barrier between the moisture absorbing cotton fibre and the water on your skin. this reduces the absorbency of a towel – and the absorbency of a towel should be our main preoccupation.